Is irritable bowel syndrome a risk factor for developing colorectal cancer?

No. Unless ibs diagnosis has been made incorrectly and your symptoms are actually a manifestation of early or precancerous bowel changes. If you have never had a recent colonosocpy, might consider it depending on your age and history.
No. Ibs is not directly related to colorectal cancer, however, the symptoms of IBS can sometimes delay an evaluation for colorectal cancer.

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Is irritable bowel syndrome a risk factor for getting colorectal cancer?

No. No. Irritable bowel is mot a risk factor for colon cancer.
Not in of itself. However poor diet low in fiber and poor fluids worsen ibs and are also contributing factors to the development of colon cancer.

Bloat, gas, vague pain. Could it be possible that I have irritable bowel syndrome or ovarian cancer like dr oz says?

Could be, could be. Could be for both or could be also caused by some other common things- such as constipation, malabsoprtion problems etc. However, you will not know unless somebody evaluates you. So, see your md and your gynecologist and have them checked you out. Good luck.
Either or neither. Both irritable bowel syndrome and ovarian cancer have vague abdominal symptoms, which may be why dr. Oz advised women with such symptoms to consult their doctors so that if it is ovarian cancer, it may be detected early. Consulting your doctor would be a good idea.
Maybe. It could be many things including food allergies and sensitivities. See a doctor to identify what it is exactly. Probably not ovarian cancer as it sounds more like a gastrointestinal problem, .

Can a change in bowel habits mean colorectal cancer?

Yes. Persistent changes not correlating to your dietary or activity change should be worked up by your doctor. It does not diagnose colon cancer by itself but it is one of the symptoms.