How to relieve neck pain at the very back?

Therapy. See your family md for a referral to physical therapy. This will help relieve neck pain with exercises such as stretching and strengthening as well as range of motion exercises. You can look online at spineuniverse.Com for neck exercises also.
Osteopathic treatmnt. Most md's have you try physical therapy, heat, or exercises. These are very generic, though, & are often hit-or-miss, since no real diagnosis of the cause is made.Thus treatment is very general & they just hope it works.Consider seeing an osteopathic dr who can perform a hands-on diagnostic exam, find the actual cause, & often treat it with excellent results right in the office-without weeks of pt.

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How can you relieve neck pain at the very top/back of the neck?

Consult your doctor. Specific treatment will depend on the exact cause of your symptoms. It could be for example a muscular issue versus a spinal issue. Either way, conservative management like anti-inflammatory medication (if okay with your primary care physician), physical therapy can be very helpful in addressing some of these symptoms. Your doctor will guide you through appropriate treatment(s). Read more...