What are neuropsychiatric problems associated with multiple sclerosis?

Significant at times. Main issue is evolution of progressive cognitive loss, which likely is present in at least 60% and creates an early disability. Lack of emotional control, such as crying or laughing without reason, or more persistent euphoria or depression gets even more challenging. Although delusions and hallucinations may be rarely seen, usually not an issue.
See answer below. Some of the neuropsychiatric issues that can be associated with MS include depression, anxiety, as well as a spectrum of cognitive problems such as impaired memory and word finding difficulty.

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Could you tell me what are neuropsychiatric syndromes associated with multiple sclerosis?

VARIABLE. At least 50-65% of ms patients develop cognitive issues, and these include problems with memory, organizational skills, recognition of words and images, but emotional problems might include depression, euphoria, impulse control disorders, fatigue, even sleep disorders, and latter can create additional burdens and conflicts. Read more...