What are natural remedies for female and male menopause?

Many. First, male menopause is a myth. It doesn't exist. Second there are a number of proven remedies for symptoms of female menopause. The key is dissecting the wheat from the chaff. In other words, there is a lot of false claims and promotion in menopause remedies. I have written a book called "a woman's guide to hormone health" that outlines many natural, proven remedies.

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What are some good natural remedies for female and male menopause?

For female menopause. Black cohosh is an herb which may be beneficial for hot flashes, but which should be avoided if there is liver illness. The lignans in flaxseed and flaxseed oil may help night sweats/ to obtain the most benefit from flaxseed oil, it should be cold grinded. The plant Estrogens in red clover may be helpful with mild menopausal symptoms but may be contraindicated in a woman with either breast >>.

Can you please recommend some effective natural remedies for female and male menopause.?

Natural hormones.. Both andropause and menopause symptoms are caused by hormones deficiencies. These hormones need to be replaced with bioidentical hormones. That is, hormones which are identical in chemical structure to what the body would produce if it could.