What does a low fiber diet consist of?

Foods w/o fiber. White bread and cereals from refined grains (which is most ready-to-eat commercial cereals). Meat, poultry, and fish do not have fiber. Neither do dairy products. Fruit and vegetables have fiber but their juice does not.

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How do I know exactly what does a low fiber diet consist of?

Avoid foods with fib. Fiber is the part in fruits, vegetables&grains not digested by your body.Low fiber diet limits these foods so it is a diet in which you limit or eliminate vegetables, fruits, and grains.The following are allowed enriched white breadwithout seeds, white rice, white pasta, crackers, refined cereals like cream of wheat, fruit juices without pulp, pancakes/waffles, egg, tofu, tender meat poultry&fish, milk, butter. Read more...