How is esophageal cancer treated?

Depends on stage. There are 4 stages of esophageal cancer (with a and b subtypes for some). For stage i and iia, the upfront therapy is surgery or esophagectomy. For stage iib or iii, treatment is chemoradiation followed by surgery, or definitive chemoradiation. For stage iv, the treatment is chemotherapy, + /- radiation.
Several ways. Esophageal cancer is treated using a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery - though the combination depends on the type of cancer, the location and the stage. Your personal oncologist can answer this better because you are unique...
Concur. Concur with drs cooke and spiers. Esophageal cancer is treated in a muti-disciplinary approach with specific treatments decided based on the stage and health/fitness of the patient. This link may be a useful resource: http://goo.Gl/hjljh.