My 8 yr old tested positive for lead exposure, I think our house is covered with old paint?

See below. Lead-based paints were banned in 1978, therefore houses built prior probably are at risk. Risks for lead poisoning is focused on brain damage. Taking action for a blood lead level is somewhat controversial: if greater than 10 micrograms/dl for cdc standards-others feel IQ points are compromised at 5 to 7.5 or above. Bottom line-avoidance. See your pediatrician for your 8 yr old's exposure.
See doctor, get Rx. Please see your doctor for evaluation as soon as you can. If there is old paint on your house, there is no telling how long, if at all your child may have been exposed. In young children it is linked to learning disabilities, lower intelligence, impaired coordination, less memory, and social impairment. If the level is low, like over 10 ug/dl, avoiding exposure may be ok, but see dr to be sure.