Is it normal to have aching jaw pain after a filling?

Jaw pain and filling. Some patients are predisposed to jaw pain after dental appointments. This discomfort is likely from holding the mouth open for a prolonged period of time. The pain may come from the jaw joint (TMJ) or from the jaw muscles you may ask your dentist to periodically allow you to rest your jaw by closing during the course of the dental treatment.
Sometimes. The aching could be due to slight bruising from the anesthetic, or from having your mouth opened for a prolonged period while having the filling done . It should go away in a couple days. If the aching persists, it could be due to trauma to the nerve of the tooth from having it worked on. You also could have aching if the bite is a little high on the tooth.You should follow up with your dentist.
YES and NO. Depends on how long the pain persists after the filling had been placed. If just a couple days, then should not be overly concerned unless your bite is off and you are striking the filling first. If it persists, go back to your dentist asap.
Temporary. Yes, temporarily. From stretch jaw, or from local anesthetic. Should promptly resolve. If not, see your dentist.
Can be. Your jaw muscles could be aching due to the prolonged opening of the mouth during the procedure; from the novocaine injection; or from the tooth itself. Depends on how long you have been aching. If in doubt, call the dental office.