Herpes results back and hsv1 came back IgG 53.60. Does that mean I have had this virus for over three months? What does hsv, i/II 1.48 high mean?

Can't tell. The presence of IgG usually means the production of a protective (usually but not always) antibody from past exposure but can't tell you how far in the past. I don't know what hsv i/II high means however since I can't make sense out of it. The presence of IgM ab would point to a recent or current infection.
Herpes simplex. Once you are infected with this virus you remain with it for the rest of your life. It recurs clinically with wide variability and under different circumstances depending upon the individual involved. The antibody test you underwent simply confirms that you have the virus, and have been infected with it sometime previously. From your values you have probably only had Type 1. Hope this helps.