What is the average weight for a 5'0 12 year old girl?

A range of weight. There is no perfect or normal number. It depends on her pattern of grown since birth. She may have be in the 80th percentile all her life, then a 10& change to a different percentile may be significant. Here is a page where you can find the growth chart for girls, ages 2-20 (with stature and weight) in the language you prefer. Growth charts aren't everything. If somebody looks pl.
50th percentile. Height of 60 inches places you at the 50th percentile, the 50th percentile for weight at 12 years is between 95 and 105 pounds. Based on BMI percentiles between 85 and 110 pounds encompasses the normal range.
Average weight. Around 95 pounds but there are many normal variations to this.