I want to know how serious a chest xray result of mild hyperinflation is of the lungs is?

That is a. fairly nonspecific finding. It could indicate COPD, but could also potentially be normal if you took a particularly deep breath in. Tough to say without seeing the xray. Best course is to talk to your doctor about it...if there is concern for COPD, pulmonary function tests might be in order.

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Can a severe scoliosis gives scar in a chest xray result, ill undergo medical soon and im worried to be partin sputum test groups might delay my visa?

No. The bony structures involved in scoliosis do not put a scat into the lungs on a chest x-ray. They are physically separate locations. The rib cage that surrounds the lungs can have an altered appearance, and shift things around some, but the lung tissue inside is seen as a separate space. Read more...

Chest xray result-Suspicious densities seen in both upper lungs?

R/o Tb. In the area you live, having had TB is likely cause. If confirmed, then you may need treatment. However one needs to rule out other causes as well and thus you do need to consult a pulmonologist or infectious disease specialist. Read more...