My teeth bleaching kit from the dentist hurts my teeth. What should I do?

See your Dentist. Some of the harsh bleaching products have been replaced by more gentle products. Ask your dentist for a more gentle beaching product and to check your trays for proper fit.
Sensitivity is commo. With any type of bleaching procedure there can be sensitivity. Make sure you are not using too much of the bleaching gel, because if it gets on your gums it can be painful. Also try skipping every other day. Another good idea is to ask your dentist for prescription strength Fluoride toothpaste such as prevident. Brushing with this while bleaching should decrease your sensitivity.
Ask your dentist. Sensitivity from whitening your teeth is the most common side-effect. If you have sensitivity, try wearing your whitening trays every other day. You can try using sensodyne toothpaste or other toothpastes for sensitive teeth. You may also want to check with your dentist to make sure that the whitening tray is properly adapted to your teeth and not leaking whitening gel on your gums.
TEETH BEACHING KIT. If this hurts your teeth . . . Stop! call your dentist and tell him or her about it. It you were banging your head against the wall, and your head began to hurt, what would you do? (no. Don't call your dentist . . .).