What are the different stages of thyroid cancer?

Thyroid ca stage. If you are under 45, you can only be stage I in the thyroid or II with distant mets to the lungs, etc. Over 45, the staging is more proscriptive. T1 less than 1 cm. T2 1-4 cm. T3 (liothyronine) > 4 cm. T4 extra thyroidal extension. Nodal metastasis is staged N1a for central neck nodes, N1b for lateral neck nodes. M1 is for distant mets.
TNM Staging. Thyroid cancers are staged based on their size, involvement of surrounding tissues and their spread to lymph nodes or distant tissues. The international staging system for the different thyroid cancer types can be found here: http://www.Cancer.Org/cancer/thyroidcancer/detailedguide/thyroid-cancer-staging.
Many. Papillary and follicular thyroid cancer in patients younger than 45 years of age - stage i papillary & follicular thyroid cancer - stage ii papillary & follicular thyorid cancer papillary and follicular thyroid cancer in patients 45 years of age and older - stage i papillary thyroid cancer - stage ii papillary thyroid cancer - stage iii papillary thyroid cancer.