How to get rid of a g-tube scar?

Can't. Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of a scar. The best we can do is to make it less noticeable. Sometimes all that requires is time, massage, and sun avoidance. Other times it requires more such as laser treatments, steroid injections or scar revisions. If this scar is over a year old or significantly indented than may require revision. Consult board cert. Plastic surgeon.
Scars are permanent. Unfortunately, scars are permanent. If the scar is very large, puckered, and bumpy, there are cosmetic treatments that a plastic surgeon can do to improve the appearance (which may or may not be covered by insurance), but there will always be some scar there. If you are having pain in the scar, it should be rechecked by your original surgeon to make sure there aren't other complications.

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What procedures could get rid of a g-tube scar?

Massage / revision. I would begin with aggressive massage using cocoa butter or mederma. If twice a day massage over a month or two does not improve the scar enough to suit its owner, he or she could consider surgical revision of the scar. This is a relatively simple procedure, perhaps under local anesthesia, where the scar is cut out and the skin and fat re-closed carefully so as to minimize the new scar. Good luck!