Forehead pain, nausea, vomiting. What is it?

? migraine. Migraines are usually one sided. This could also be food poisoning. If the nausea and vomiting continue, you should see a doctor.

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I haven't been feeling right for going on a week now. I have no appetite, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, stiff neck and shoulders and pain in the right side of my head. What should I do?

Viral illness. This is not good and may be a viral syndrome and the nausea and vomiting could be symptoms of a severe illness or problem that needs treatment. I would see your doctor tomorrow or go to an urgicenter if not able to be see at the office. Could be an atypical viral meningitis. This would be unusual especially in the winter but there are also other things in the differential. See doc.

Sharp, lasting pain in front through back of head. Dizziness. Vertigo, with nausea/vomiting. Ongoing for over a month. Not sinuses. Help?

Likely migraine. What you're describing, is a migraine or vascular headache. Discuss this with your doctor so appropriate treatment can be started. A daily headache for a month is not normal.
Vascular migrane hea. Photophovia? Maternal history of headaches? Related to menstrual cycle?
Neurologic. That constellation of symptoms often is the result of a neurologic problem or a variation of a migraine, such as a vestibular migraine. Especially if CT scan of the sinuses was normal. However, any more conservative diagnosis such as this can only be entertained after properly ruling out the big bad possibilities like a tumor or severe progressive neurologic infection.

I hit my head, had no concussion symptoms but on night 3 I was vomiting in my mouth, it was not exactly nausea & vomiting, could concussion cause this?

Unlikely. Post-traumatic voming should have onset within minutes to a few hours after a brain injury. Complete lack of neurologic symptoms in more than two days suggests a different mechanism inducing your vomiting, not a neurologic one.
See your MD. Its important to be checked by your physician and I hope you already did.
It is possible. Some symptoms may appear immediately after the traumatic event, while others may appear days or even weeks later. See your PCP for evaluation and tests.

What does this sound like sharp pains n my head/w headches & I get lightheaded even without a ha? No nausea, vomiting, or light or nose don't bother me?

Headaches. Check with your doctor about the possibility of migraine headaches.
Sounds like. Sinusitis or labyrithitis. But it could be something more serious try otc antihistamines, and, if these don't help, time to see a doctor.

Left ab pain. Ct MRI colonoscopy show nothing. Nausea vomiting sometimes low grade fever weight loss white specks and yellow tint stool. In my head?

Further check up. I recently suggested that you have another full exam by a Family Doctor of Internist. I also think a more detailed history is needed from you. Do you take any drugs? Do you use illicit drugs? Have you traveled overseas recently? Are you eating well and do you have any known food allergies? I could pursue these questions further in an online appointment if you desire.

Pain In head feels like something popping. Test are normal Ct, MRI MRA & blood work. Above left ear. Nausea & vomiting can't stand light on left eye?

Sounds like migraine. If pain is throbbing on one side such as your parietal lobe of the brain, or behind the eye (ocular), with photophobia (fear/reaction to light) and nausea/vomiting, you may very well have a migraine. So please get yourself to a healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment. Thanks for trusting HealthTap.