Fingers joint pain, tingling and grip got weaker. Carpal tunnel?

Possible. Certainly sounds like it could be carpal tunnel syndrome. See your doctor or a specialist, (neurologist, physiatrist, hand surgeon) to be examined. A nerve conduction test may be necessary.
Possible. Tingling and weakness bring up the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) but the finger joint pain and weakness bring up the possibility of arthritis. If the predominant feeling is the hand "falling asleep" I would favor a nerve problem and cts is one such diagnosis. If the main problem is joint pain with activity, osteoarthritis is more likely. Joint swelling and stiffness? Think rheumatoid.

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Lupus joint pain vs. Preg carpal tunnel? How to tell the difference? 36 wks being tested for lupus but hoping for the best pain in fingers toes feet

Conduction studies. CTS can be diagnosed with conduction studies also use of a sleep splint can relieve CTS.
Exam. A physical exam of the affected area can probably make the diagnosis. Carpal tunnel is common in pregnancy and can be treated with a wrist splint.

Hand & wrist numbness - can joint pain be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Possibly. Hand numbness, more so than wristnumbness, can be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. So can pain in the digits of the hand. Predominately the symptoms are felt in the first three digits of your hand. Electro diagnostic testing may help determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or something else.
No. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not normally wrist pain, but numbness and tinging in the fingers. You need to see a hand surgeon to have your wrist evaluated.
Unlikely. Carpal tunnel is numbness of the thumb, index, long and usually half of the ring finger. Joint pain is more likely arthritis.

Experiencing tingling in tips of index & middle fingers of both hands. Present almost constantly. Not result of flexed/extended wrist. Carpal tunnel?

Maybe. Tingling to those fingers are usually associated with a nerve irritation. If you trace the nerves back, it can mean a local only irritation at the wrists, which can be carpal tunnel. It is not uncommon to have carpal tunnel in both hands. But, usually, it is associated with a flexed wrist. Other sources include irritation as the nerves leave the spine, at the brachial plexus, or spine.
Possibly. Carpal tunnel causes numbness and tingling in median nerve distribution to the thumb, index, long and radial half of the ring finger. Therefore this could be early symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Pain around the joint between ring finger and pinkie and palm. Carpal tunnel?

No. Probably your ulnar nerve (at elbow) oor a cervical origin if it is a nerve problem. Really would need a little more info to narrow it down.
Not likely. This doesn't sound like carpal tunnel but is more likely to be something else such as tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, ganglion, etc.

Why does my little finger have a tingling sensation? Carpal tunnel?

Pinched nerve. This is most likely a pinch nerve, either in the neck or in the elbow from a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome. I would start with a hand surgeon for an evaluation.
Unlikely. This is unlikely because the little finger is not innervated by the median nerve which is compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome. However it could be due to other nerve compression syndromes such as occurs in guyon's canal.
No. This usually the sister to carpal tunnel. It is called cubital tunnel. It can involve the ring finger as well.