What does the fetal position indicate in terminal cancer patient?

Fetal position. Could me patient is in pain, and assumes that positon in attempt to get comfortable. Could mean patient cancer is very advanced, patient is cachetic (lost lots of weight), and muscle on the elbow, knees, hips beging to contract in flexion position due to inmobility. If advanced, terminal phase is there, talk to oncologist for palliative care (comfort care) to avoid suffering. Good luck .
Likely nonspecific. This is a terminal cancer patient, someone with a disease that will likely get worse. This can have physical, and psychological impact on that patient. He/she may be in great pain on one side and so is in that position for comfort, or that many thoughts are going through his/her mind. Probably the best course at this time is to make the patient as comfortable as possible, and get family, etc..