I'm on ibuprofen 800 for my tennis elbow pain, is it ok?

Yes. I would also recommend an "aircast", google it.800 mg twice a day is a good dose, rest is also helpful.
Yes. This dosage of Ibuprofen is okay for tennis elbow pain. Do not take more than 2400mg in a day and do not use long term;may cause stomach irritation.

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Can sulphites in wine intensify tennis elbow pain?

Possibly. Sulphites have been implicated in worsening of headaches. With tennis elbow being pain transmitted through your nervous system its possible but no scientific correlation has been established to date. Read more...

Left hand elbow pain. Doctors told its tennis elbow. No relief by their medicines.

Depends on what. Medicines they are giving you. Tennis elbow is a pretty easy diagnosis as long as the doc as musculoskeletal experience. The next step after anti-inflammatory meds could be an injection, of either anti-inflammatory med like steroids, or prolo-therapy, which some believe can strengthen the damaged and chronic inflamed tendons. Try bracing as well, as this can help, as well as modifying behaviors. Read more...

Elbow pain, with wrist movement also up and down, and side to side motion pain seems to be mostly in the joint, tennis elbow?

Possibly. If the pain is localized to the outside part of the elbow, then tennis elbow is a possibility. It could also be a problem inside the joint itself such as instability or a loose body within the joint. See a physician if symptoms persist or worsen. Read more...