Took antibiotic, got burning small blisters in mouth burning when urinating nausea. G p says herpes. Gave antivirals but still the same after 8 weeks no?

Steven Johnson Syndr. Steven Johnson Syndrome is an auto-immune reaction to medications, characterized by flu-like symptoms, followed by a burning rash, blisters to the mouth and other mucous membranes (urethra), swelling, inflammation of the eyes, and more. Symptoms fitting these patterns should be managed in the hospital setting to prevent blindness, severe illness, and even death.
Time for testing. For symptoms of burning when urinating for more than 8 wks, I would ask the doctor to consider urinalysis & culture and test for Herpes for a minimum. If clinically suggestive, you can get a trial of medication as indicated. For Herpes, you should evaluate your chances of ongoing exposure and how can u avoid giving it to others.