Related Questions

Ordered CT heart scan. I do not understand?

Ask your doctor. You must ask the doctor who ordered the test.
Reason? More information need to answer the why? If you are having symptoms this may be done with contrast as part of a cardiac ct angiography study. If asymptomatic this may be a coronary calcium screening test to determine presence and amount of cad. Both are highly useful non-invasive tests but provide different information.

When is a CT heart scan not effective?

Cardiac CT. Cardiac arrhythmias, rapid heart rate, patient motion, obesity can all limit the accuracy of the test.

Is my high fat primal diet a good idea? I am off my statins, ratios and tris have improved. Tc still high, but CT heart scan shows calcium score 0.

Probably. The devil is in the details. Both the details of your numbers and the details of your food choice. For example, if you are eating red meat, it is best to have grass-fed beef. So tough to answer in 400 words. That said, I would be very pleased with a calcium score of 0. Even with bad lipids a 0 score suggests very low risk for cardiac events.