Has anyone had a colposcopy done during pregnancy?

OK During Pregnancy. It's VERY important to get a colposcopy if your pap is abnormal. A colposcopy is a speculum exam where special stains and magnifying lenses are used to look for pre-cancers on your cervix. If there are abnormalities, your GYN will take a biopsy, which is uncomfortable, but lasts .
NOT IF YOUR GYN IS. Sane. I have not heard of such a thing. But I am not a gyn.

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I had a colposcopy and cryosurgery done during the first week of pregnancy. Is there any risk involved?

Probably none. The biggest risk of cryosurgery that early in pregnancy would be to induce a spontaneous miscarriage, and that risk is small. If you have not miscarried by a week afterwards, i would doubt any meaningful problems related to it. Read more...
Pregnancy. The risk was at the time. Since you did not miscarry. Your baby should be fine. Read more...