If someone has a chronic leukemia does their WBC stay high?

ONLY IN CLL. Chronic leukemia is two main types. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia most of the times do not need treatment and yes , counts may stay high. Chronic myelogenous leukemia always need treatment and counts should normalize with treatment.

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For 1 yr under care of hem/onc for possible chronic leukemia. Discharged to pcp. Just had labs done and wbc, rdw, poly#mono# high, low mchc. What now?

Follow-up. There are different types of chronic leukemia that would be approached differently. What is most important is the trend of the blood counts as well as symptoms you are having. Talk with your pcp about the changes and any concerns you have about the blood counts. Read more...

Can wbc count in chronic leukemia spontaneously return to normal range. I was at 18, now 9. W/out treatment? Possible?

Hematologist. You haven't provided enough information but spontaneous remission is rare but possible. A hematologist who knows your case and diagnosis is best qualified to answer your question. Read more...