My counselor is wanting to diagnosis me with autism my old psychologist said I have moderate to high functioning autism like aspergers is there a test?

None, unfortunately. The diagnosis of Autism or Asperger is mainly with clinical assessment. he doctor bases his or her diagnosis on the child's level of development, and the doctor's observation of the child's speech and behavior, including his or her play and ability to socialize with others. The doctor often seeks input from the child's parents, teachers, and other adults who are familiar with the child's symptoms.
No lab or x-ray test. are used to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder, but multiple questionaires have been designed to help assess, and it sounds like your psychologist may already have done this. A screening tool may be found at If you want confirmation, seek out a psychologist or developmental physician who has a lot of experience with diagnosing ASD and Aspergers.