Lower back pain and sides of quads hurt after playing soccer? I am 16 year old boy what could be some causes of this? Growing pain?

Myalgias. Muscle strain, over-use injury. Could just be lactic build-up after a strenuous soccer game. Gentle stretching, ice therapy for 2-3 days followed by heat therapy, and moderate massage may help. If the pain is so severe that walking is painful or the pain radiates (shoots) anywhere then visit your doc for a physical evaluation.
Lateral thigh pain. Increased tension in muscles and ligaments can cause low back pain and lateral thigh pain. The iliotibial band is a ligament that is situated from the hip to the lateral part of the knee. When this band is 'tight', pain on the outside of the thigh (and sometimes the knee) is experienced. Your soccer coach may have some stretching exercises for you.

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