The outer corner of my big toe hurts?

Ingrown Nail. If the pain is at the edge of the toenail, this could be a classic ingrown nail. This can also become red and swollen in time. An ingrown nail can be removed. Another possible condition could be a bone deformity if the pain is closer to the joints.
Ingrown. Sounds like you have an ingrown nail. You should have a physician check it out.

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My right big toe hurts in the corner I see lots of dead skin around the corner area and around the toe. I have used fungal cream and foot moisturizer?

Ingrown toenail? Sounds like you may have an ingrown toenail, which causes pain at the edges of the nail. Try soaking the toe in warm, soapy water for 15-20 min, then trying to gently pull up on the edge of the nail. Sometimes putting a small piece of rolled cotton under the edge of the nail can hold it up so the area under can heal. If no better in a few days see your doctor or a podiatrist. Good luck!
Ingrown toe nail. Or cellulitis. You need to see your doctor. You can try warm soaks till you see your doctor.
Probably ingrown... A bit. It could use a simple debridement.

Why is it that the top of my big toe hurts?

Several things. Trauma such as being stepped on or your toe may be rubbing on the top of the shoe, gout, bursitis.

My big toe hurts really badly. What can I do?

See Podiatrist. He will evaluate and examine and probably x-ray and provide treatment depending on cause.

My big toe hurts and is getting black at the side?

Needs to be seen. You have not given enough information to tell if you bruised it or have a significant problem I would see a podiatrist for exam.
Ingrown nail. Check it out this could get bad quick.

The bottom of my big toe hurts a lot, what can it be?

Many things, There may be an extra small little bone at the bottom of the joint, or just pressure from walking. If you have any stiffness around the first metatarsophalangeal joint, you will get excess pressure on the bottom of the big toe whan doing any activities. It could be arthritis, capsulitis, tendonitis, etc. As well. See a podiatrist for a full exam and treatment.
/ If there is only early spuring, even with a bad joint surface the pain and loss of motion is due to the kissing spurs at the mt-pp joint. Simple exostectomy can be done and I have had huge sucess with this. Lay up time is minimal and patirnts are happy. Even return to all prior exercise and activity. I my wife had it done and no pain nor. I have it, but need to find a syrg. To do it my way.

My big toe hurts. It hurts when I bend it back and forward. It just started to hurt tonight. What could be wrong.?

Toe pain. Where does it hurt in big toe? At base? Is it red and irritated? Do you have history of gout? Sudden onset of pain in toe without injury, and recent ingestion of some foods - shellfish, red meat and ex. Beer, can bring on a gout attack. Try taking an advil.
Inflammation? The commonest cause of pain in toe without history of any injury is inflammation or infection. It is also possible to have sustain trauma without knowing like with tight shoes. Infection or inflammation will cause some redness and/or swelling. You can try over the counter Ibuprofen if no allergies or contraindications. And if no better get it checked by your Doctor or a Podiatrist.