What's new in cervical cancer research?

Couple things. Significant advances in image guided brachytherapy have been made and shown improved outcomes for certain women. Some new data suggesting gemcitabine and Cisplatin may be an improvement over Cisplatin alone with radiation. Also a new trial open asking whether additional chemo after chemo and radiation is beneficial for certain women (outback study).
Preventive vaccinati. Besides preventive vaccination for hpv things did not change, for early detection and cure of cervical cancer regular visit to gyn doctor and pap smears.

Related Questions

Title news story said JJ baby powder caused cervical cancer due to "talcum" in powder. Was cancer caused from use on skin or internally?

Talcum unlikely prob. Studies show that talcum powder, which is a silicate like asbestos, is not likely to cause ovarian cancer. Studies investigated the introduction of talc on talc dusted diaphragms and condoms and concluded that it was not likely the cause. Correlation, not causation. The USPST recommends women get their pap smear and genetic testing and because HPV is associated with cervical cancer. See OB/GYN. Read more...

What is your opinion on the relatively new cervical cancer vaccine?

HPV vaccine. this is the first vaccine that prevents cervical cancer and prevents human pappiloma virus that causes cancer it can prevent HPV infection even in boys that can cause problems in their lives it is recommended for both males and the female usually around timing of initiation of sexual activity though you don't have to be sexually active to get it it prevents oral and anogenital cancer in boys. Read more...

I am new to birth control, but possible diagnose of cervical cancer. How high am I at risk?

Minimal risk. If you mean risk for cervical cancer because of birth control, it is not increased. Studies have shown some association but it is likely related to sexual practices. In other words, if you have multiple sexual partners then there is higher risk of getting the HPV virus which is at least partly related to cervical cancer. But the hormones in the pills will not increase your risk per se. Read more...