Anxious, depressed, and avoidance behaviors, help! I have new baby?

Talk to your Dr. Please talk to your dr & get in therapy/counseling to help with these postpartum symptoms, for your sake as well as your baby's sake. Such better feelings are in store for you! good luck (and congrats on the baby!).

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My teenager is showing signs of being anxious, depressed, and avoidance behaviors, help?

This would be a . Good time to get some professional assistance. A child psychiatrist, child psychologist or a general psychiatrist/ psychologist that works with teens in their practice - would be a good place to start. Take care. Read more...

My family member is anxious, depressed, and has avoidance behaviors. What are the next steps?

Consultation. Do consider making the appointment and accompanying your family member. Your physician can refer you to a well trained psychiatrist. Read more...