Could you need arm amputation from intravenous drug use?

Yers, rare. If one were to get a severe infection from drug injection, rarely an amputation may be needed. If one accidentally injects some caustic drug into an artery, then I have also seen a rare need for amputation. I am sure that for all doctors in the us, an amputation surgery is the final last option used after all other options have failed or all other options have been exhausted.
Possible. If a person develops an infection that cannot be controlled with antibiotics it is possible that the only way to save their life is to amputate the infected limb. Also, if the drugs at injected in the artery instead of the vein it can result in gangrene (death of tissue) requiring amputation.
Yes. I have had to amputate arms from drug users. Dumb reason to lose an arm don't you think?

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Is arm amputation necessary sometimes after intravenous drug use?

Sometimes. If an infection sets in amputation may be necessary to save the person's life. If clots are present it might b e needed too. Read more...
Yes. Sometimes the addict accidentally injects an artery t hereby causing it to clot. This can yield immediate severe pain and eventual gangrene. Sadly, there is no way to reverse this damage -- no operation, no medicine, no therapy. The only thing to be decided is how much is amputated -- fingers, hand, wrist or forearm. Read more...

Is a leg or arm amputation common in our returning vets?

Yes . Amputation is performed for injuries that reconstruction of the limb due to massive tissue damage, non repairable vascular or nerve injury and uncontrolled life treatening infections. All of which occur in war time form gunshots and bomb blasts. Pray for peace! Read more...