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Initial vagina itch, pee pain stopped. Pap smear -no fungal/ bacterial infection. Burning sensation at vulva persist for 10 days. Lower ab discomfort.?

Get another exam. You may only have a yeast infection on your vulva. To confirm your diagnosis, see your doctor again. Some tests are falsely negative.

Burning pain in the corners of my lip travelling to the bottom. I have permanent little bumps already there and possible lip bacterial infection.?

Angular cheilitis? Angular cheilitis is the most likely cause of your symptoms, but of course there are many other possibilities that include bacterial and viral infections. There is a nice article on dermnetnz. Org See your PCP if it continues or worsens.

I have sharp, stabbing, burning pain in right ovary (for 5 weeks now). The pain comes and goes. After 10 days, I went to the ER and they said CT scan was clear. After 9 more days of waiting for OB appointment, they said I have a Bacterial Infection, which

Pelvic pain. Although you may speculate as to the site and cause of your pain, whether it is ovarian or not may only be determined by one on one assessment by your OB/GYN doctor. If you have evidence of a bacterial infection hopefully you are being treated and appropriately managed. Best wishes.

Can a bacterial infection of the vagina cause burning/redness of whole vulva, anus, and urethra? Or is this more likely vulvodynia?

Bacteria can. Bacteria, yeast, and viruses like herpes can all do this. With something so severe you definitly need to be seen by a doctor.
May be. If whole perineum with vagina and anus area invoke than this is serious infection leads to fasciitis, fournier gangrene, needs to be seen by surgeon.

19wf has vaginal on off itchiness / burning 6 mos. Was treated with metro. Culture was negative for yeast/Bacterial infection after tr. But still burns once an a while. I am on BC pills. Also. Going back to college and will have no access to OB. Help!!

Yes. Vaginal itching can indicate infections like yeast or stis like herpes. It can indicate an allergic reaction to household products like soaps and laundry detergents. There are also some skin conditions liked lichen sclerosis and lichen simplex chronicus which can cause vaginal itching. An evaluation and sometime a biopsy can be helpful. Prevaleaf Soothe is a nice OTC product to keep around.