History 35 F. Headache, lft eye floaters MRI findings:Multiple 20white matter lessons in the supratentorial brain, likely demyelinatingdisease. Worried?

MS? 35 YO female - demyelinating disease of brain? Certainly Multiple Sclerosis is the #1 concern. MS is a clinical diagnosis so would need some more history to corroborate that. Headache and floaters are not common presenting signs of MS.
Don'tWorryBeHappy. Worry really doesn't help much.It just winds up your mind and the more wound up it gets the harder it is to untangleSo before it gets that far, try to have a focused concern and learn all you can both pro & con.Which is meant to say,yes.Take this seriously.I'm sure you will have a discussion with your doctor about it.It's something you can live with but will have to medicate and monitor carefully.