What is the least addictive PRN medication for anxiety & panic attacks?

No benzos and. as well no medical evidence that chasing anxiety with any psychotropic is ever effective and in fact is counter-productive eg the anxiety will worsen. Scheduled dosing is the preferred way eg once a day, twice per day, etc depending on the med. Ssri's are best med but you may want to start w/regular exercise,meditation, increased antioxidants for instance. See ur pcp for a referral to psychiatrist if necessary.
See below. if you can anticipate the anxiety( i.e stagefright) beta blockers provide an option- like inderal (propranolol)
Good question . buspar (buspirone) is used in the tx of anxiety and is not habit forming or addictive. Better tx is to get at root cause of the anxiety and address it. Hope this helps. Best of luck. Dr R.
Anxiety. the benzodiazepine class of anxiolytics are all addictive and the SSRI types are not good on an as needed basis. The best medication for this would be hydroxyzine which can be effective on an as needed basis and is not addictive.