My 2 day old infant is having cold, due to which her nose is choked. We're using a saline nasal drop as needed. Kindly provide your input on this.?

Nasal congestion. At 2do the primary cause of congestion are irritants. House dust, fragrance, perfumes, detergent or cleaning products all leave scents that don't bother adults but irritate a babies nose. A good nasal clean out with saline can remove much of this irritant load, but removing the offending irritants from babies life helps more in the long run.
Cold in Infant. You are doing the correct thing if you are using a bulb syringe along with the saline to help clear her nose of secretions. Baby's breath almost exclusively out of their nose so they can sound like a freight train with congestion . Use of a cool mist humidifier is also helpful. At this age any temperature above 100.4 requires evaluation by her doctor.