Stopped using expensive creams due to cost. Now wrinkles all over. What should I spend for aesthetics vs food?

Wrinkles. I certainly wouldn't recommend skimping on food. Good nutrition is important for your health, and this will in turn help your skin. You can also use natural ingredients to care for your skin; milk and yogurt are wonderful cleansers, and a few drops of almond oil mixed with water can serve as an effective moisturizer. Take care.
Depends. Foods are not going to improve wrinkling. Most important things- 1. Avoidance of smoking. 2. Avoidance of sun. 3. Sleep on your back. If you are doing these things plus a good diet they cost you little. Retin a (tretinoin), Botox and fillers are your next answers to decreased wrinkles before a more costly facelift.
Great question. This is a great question but with no answer. This comes down to what you can afford. If you need help to set a budget there are a variety of resources but aesthetics are hardly an essential item unless your career depends on it and food clearly takes priority. Excellent skin care can be accomplished with relatively modest means.
Food first. There are inexpensive and efficacious serums and creams that will improve your wrinkles and leave you plenty for food. I recommend you see a cosmetic surgeon who can evaluate you and work with you to provide the best and most cost effective product (s) for you.