What do you need to do for abdominal pain from stomach cancer?

Abd pain. Do you have stomach cancer? If so, your oncologist will help you with management of cancer pain.
Likely pain killers. Palliative care for this includes surgery, endoscopic dilatation, radiation, and chemotherapy (drugs). Apparently chemotherapy includes drugs, like 5-fu (fluorouracil) or its analog capecitabine, bcnu (carmustine), methyl-ccnu (semustine), and doxorubicin (adriamycin) to palliatively reduce the size of the tumor. Pain killers, like demorol, are likely given for pain in this/other similar cases.

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What else could abdomen pain be if it's not stomach cancer?

Many causes. There are too many benign causes of abdominal pain to even list, but they can range from infections to ulcers to inflammatory bowel disease to irritable bowel to internal hernias... See your doctor to find out.

What could be causing the pain from stomach cancer?

Gastric Ca. Can cause pain from local extension, or nodes bubbling cancer into coeliac plexus.
Tumor growth. When malignant tumor involves the wsll of stomach it causes irritation of a sensitive layer called peritoneum.

What are the signs of stomach cancer? Abdominal pain?

Signs and Symptoms. Signs and symptoms consist of significant weight loss, black tarry stool, flatulence, indigestion, dysphagia, dry skin, paleness, dry mouth, fatigue, malaise, weakness, lack of appetite, and nausea.

What are the symptoms of stomach cancer? Abdominal pain?

Many ssymptoms. Yes pain can be one but there are many others like Bleeding, indigestion, easy fullness and poor appetite. Most people lose weight on account of poor appetite and reduced intake of food.

Have been bloated for 2 months now. And it comes with stomach ache. And I think I have a swollen spleen. So worried that this could be Cancer.

Bloated /stomach pai. May be gastritis with or wittout H pylori., food intolerances (milk, soy, gluten). May be early inflammatory bowel, or gallbladder. F/u /w/ doc I think cancer is very unlikely as is swollen spleen. F/u/ w/ doc.

While searching for the cause of my abdominal pain, can stomach cancer show on a CT scan?

Not necessarily. And usually not in its early stages. You need to have endoscopy, egd, with biopsies to be sure. Ask your doctor for referral to GI specialist.

Endoscopy revealed foveolar hyperplasia, mild chronic idiopathic gastritis. Have had abdominal pain for last five weeks, could this be stomach cancer?

Possible, not likely. Stomach pain can be part of the onset of stomach cancer, but is not that likely (maybe 25%). Other factors to consider are your risks of developing a stomach cancer, such as smoking history or drinking alcohol. Family history contributes too. If you are still concerned after the tests you have already mentioned, ask your doctors about both a ct scan and upper GI study.

How common a symptom of colon cancer is stomach pain? I'm scared of stomach and colon cancer I heard stomach cancer is really rare please shed some light

Brave up. Stomach pain is extremely common, especially due to acid reflux. Stomach cancer is less common than it once was, and less common than colon cancer, but if you are symptomatic, you'll want a definite diagnosis -- for your health and to be out of this state of anxiety that may itself be slowing you dwon. The large majority of cancers if detected early get cured. Get with a good primary care doc.
Depends. Abdominal pain in the region of the stomach could be related to the stomach, the pancreas, the transverse colon among a few things. If you are scared then the best thing to do is see a gastroenterologist to determine if you are a candidate for an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. If both are negative your fears are resolved for 5-10 years.
Why? You are healthy, your family history is negative. Are you a smoker or excessive alcohol user? This sounds as if you may have a cancer phobia or fear. Have you had anxiety problems? Please see your doctor to discuss these issues. Stomach cancer young adults is exceedingly rare. Anxiety and phobic thinking are exceedingly common in the population.

25, male. How do I deal with my hypochondria? I'm tired of thinking a stomach ache is something dumb like pancreatic cancer or something else serious.

See a physician. Best to talk to your physician about your symptoms. They can evaluate, diagnose, treat, teach, and alleviate fears.
Statistics and logic. Keep in mind it is exceedingly rare for a 25 yr old to get pancreatic, liver, stomach or colon cancer, I've see virtually none in my 25 yr surgical career get any of these cancers at such an early age. Hope this helps.
Hypochondriasis. Hypochondriasis is not uncommon, and can be treated. It's good you have general physicians to help monitor your health. But this kind of health anxiety can be very disabling. Anxiety medications may help, yet are only part of the treatment. Cognitive psychotherapy will also help you change your thinking & emotion patterns in response to physical sensations. So, please see a good therapist too.