Is early diagnosis important?

6 sxs not to ignore! Go get help immediately if: 1) Heart attack symptoms--chest pressure, pain, discomfort; pain radiating to back, arm, neck, jaw; sweating; nausea/vomiting 2) Stroke symptoms--weakness; unilateral numbness; confusion; slurred speech; dizziness; trouble seeing or with balance 3) Excruciating headache (worst ever) 4) Unconsciousness of any duration 5) Trouble breathing 6) Severe abdominal pain. .
Yes. Yes, early diagnosis typically leads to earlier stages of disease, which is usually more treatable and curable.
Often it is. Afraid your question is so broad that the answer will be of little value in a particular case. Mostly the earlier the better for starting to correct as much as possible and not incur further damage. Sometimes there's nothing to be done, so it makes less difference. It can upset you for no likely benefit.