What are the symptoms of gum disease in otherwise healthy nonsmokers?

Multiple symptoms. The symptoms can include bleeding, recession, sensitivity, loose teeth, drifting of teeth, bite changes, grinding habits, bad taste, and bad breath. It is also possible to be asymptomatic, that is no symptoms at all. Gum disease can be silent like blood pressure. A qualified, experienced dentist or periodontist can diagnose you. Http//:www.drgums.com.
Bleeding, tenderness. Some of the symptoms of gum disease would be bleeding when brushing or flossing, tenderness or pain on the gums. Some of the signs would be inflammation on the gums (red gums instead of healthy pink), bad breath, plaque and tartar buildup along the gum-line, and loose teeth.
Redness,pus,pain. If you are not seeing a dentist at least once a year you are neglecting your health.Oral health is linked to many other major problems and most be attended to;please see a dentist.