Wot are the symptoms of fibromyalgia and is there a cure?

Many symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that consists of widespread muscle pain often associated with fatigue, poor sleep and joint stiffness and specific tender points. It is a real disorder yet not yet well-understood. Sometimes other conditions like lyme disease are misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. Mainstream treatment tends to focus on symptom relief but a more holistic approach is often helpful. See comment:.
Personal variations.? re: symptoms & cure of fibromyalgia. FM is "umbrella label" for symptom constellation: chronic widespread pain, fatigue, restless sleep, depression & confusion. Each sufferer's cause varies within an array: femaleness, childbirth, mechanical pelvis injury, obesity, hypermobility & soft tissue deconditioning due to pronged disease-evoked bedrest. Cures customized to each sufferer's unique cause.
Chronic pain syndrom. Widespread pain, pain in the muscles - worse with poor sleep, poor exercise and problems with control of stress. Some people have all three of these - I call them the trifecta of fibromyalgia while others have one or two of these three. Cure - more likely control with attention to all three of these. Whenyou are evaluated your physican will also consider medications.