Please suggest some podiatry sites.

See below. Search acfas abps apma all will have locators to help you find a podiatrist.
Web search. Try: www.Apma.Org, or www.Acfas.Org.
Podiatry Websites. I would just google it. Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to learn the is good if you want specific local information for a provider I would google it.
It depends. Start with your insurance plan. You make need a referral from your pcp before you can anywhere. Oftentimes a good pcp may be able to handle your situation. If not he should be able to refer you.

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Please suggest some podiatry sites or foot health blog.

There are many. Try www.Acfas.Org my site is www.Footfacts.Net. Read more... Podiatry web site...Very good info. Read more...
Feel free. To visit my site which is updated regularly and has a popular blog. Read more...
Options. http://www.Podiatrycontentconnection.Com/.