18 mth been off baby food for 5 mths did really well on table food until now she refuses to eat can I put back on bf don't want to force feed her?

Yes. The question is really why she stopped eating solid foods? Does she have pain in her mouth, perhaps teething. If it is just a preference thing, there is no reason you cant give her back her baby foods with intermittent regular table foods.
Normal toddler slump. Toddlers will frequently have times when there appetites will diminish. As long as your child is healthy and growing, it is nothing to worry about. Here is more information: http://www.childrenshealthnetwork.org/CRS/CRS/pa_bappetit_hhg.htm.
Reintroduce. Children this age often will need to be introduced to foods several times, and it is not uncommon to have this happen. I would suggest slowly reintroducing the foods again.