What is calcitriol for? Is this a dangerous drug? Can it cure low IONIZED CALCIUM and HIGH INTACT PTH? Or simple calcium carbonate is ok?

Calcitriol. Calcitriol is also called rocaltrol or 1,25 fi hydroxyl vitamin D. This is a potent pharmaceutical and is fat soluble. That means it can accumulate in your body over time and cause toxicity. The main toxicity is HIGH calcium which can lead to kidney damage. It is used for patients with low calcium that may have either low or high PTH.

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What is the cure to my LOW IONIZED CALCIUM? Is it Calcium Carbonate only or there must be CALCITRIOL also or not anymore?

Depends. It depends on why your calcium is low. If it's because you had surgery and your parathyroid glands are missing, then it's very important to take the calcitriol. If your parathyroid is still intact, then calcium and vitamin d should be ok. Read more...