My girlfriend was diagnosed through pap smear with human papillomavirus, I've never had a std, I get routine checks in the military for every STD and virus out there, I'm only sexually active with my girlfriend Iand I'm the only guy she's ever been with,

HPV common virus. HPV is passed on through genital contact. Sometimes no symptoms, sometimes sx like genital warts, anala cancer, penile cancerd, and oral ca. According to the CDC there is no good HPV test for males. We can screen hi risk groups of males that have anal sex with a anal pap.. There is no approved smear for genital warts. You may have had HPV for years and given it to her without knowing. No good test.
HPV. There are no tests for you to see if and when you got HPV. 96% of us get exposed to HPV (through touching infected skin) by the age of 26. It does not have to be contracted sexually. A common scenario is that you got it on your hand from someone else and transmitted it to your penis through touch or masturbation. But there is no test yet developed to test you for HPV. You have never had a test.
Need protection. You should definitely use a condom if you continue to have sex with this GF. Genital warts are difficult to get rid off and are often very painful. Prevention is better than cure.