I've a small tear in my meniscus + defect in knee cartilage I'm 52 and in great shape. What exactly are my option? Any new reliable procedures?

It depends. Based on the tone of your question, i assume you mean surgical options. If not, non-op choices are the first step. If you mean surgical options, most small meniscus tears in your age group are cleaned up, ie not repairable. The options for the cartilage defect depend greatly on the exact site of the defect. Options include debridement, microfracture, or regenerative options such as aci.
Scope. If you are healthy active and symptomatic i would perform an arthroscopic partial menisectomy, chondroplasty. Followed by rehab if symptoms related to the cartilage damaged would consider viscosupplementation.
Scope it. If you are active and in good shape and you have symptoms related to the meniscus i would say to undergo a partial menisectomy, chondrroplasty. And rehab i would consider viscosupplementation if necessary after the procedure.