What are the different stages is the myeloma?

ISS - Greipp et al. International staging system -- the international staging system (iss) for myeloma was published by the intl myeloma working group in 2005: it is useful for comparing clinical trial , but has limited utility for each individual. Stage i: ?2-microglobulin (?2m) < 3.5 mg/l, Albumin >= 3.5 g/dl stage ii: ?2m < 3.5 & Albumin < 3.5 ; or ?2m 3.5- 5.5 irrespective of serum albumin stage iii: ?2m >= 5.5.
Stage I, II and III. There are two staging systems one is iss (international staging system) and salmon-durie staging. Both are a 3 stage system i to iii. In addition to both staging systems there are additional molecular testing that helps with myeloma management. Also there is mgus and smoldering myeloma concepts where observation rather than active treatment is currently recommended.