I have been having jaw pain for 2 weeks. I've already been seen several times but it got worse when a dislocation occurred. How can I get urgent treatment. Went to ER and they refused to do anything.

Proper Care. I would recommend that you start with your primary care doctor to help narrow down the cause (s) of the pain. Another option would be an ENT. The ER docs are looking to screen for conditions that need immediate workup and treatment. An urgent care facility will function largely the same way. Your PCP should point you in the right direction in order to get to the root cause of your pain. Good luck.
Jaw pain. Consider seeing an orthodontist or an ear nose and throat specialist or the ER of a major medical center like UCSF (San Francisco). Most ER doc are generalists and this is a specialist issue. Have them check you for TMJ (tempormandiular joint issues)