How can I find a doctor who specializes in multiple myeloma?

Websites or MD. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a myeloma specialist. Alternatively you can call or check the websites of the international myeloma foundation or the multiple myeloma research foundation.
Internet or patients. Sometimes local chapters of the leukemia and lymphoma society or the international myeloma foundation are great resources. Not only for doctors specializing in myeloma but also for patients with the disease who have researched this topic. Various local cancer centers should have web pages listing doctors with this specialty if available. Healthtap will also be a resource as it grows.
Find a Hematologist. American society of hematology (ash) "find a hematologist" website: http://store. Hematology. Org/default. Aspx? Tabid=231 or 1) mmrf, lls, or other advocacy group info, 2) word of mouth in your area.

Related Questions

Doctors, what are the symptoms of smoulding multiple myeloma?

Asymptomatic. Smoldering myeloma is a stage of Myeloma before patients become symptomatic. So it is discovered on routine checking of blood proteins or show up in a serum protein electrophoresis (SEP). Many of these patients develop symptoms within one or two years and the symptoms are bone/back pain or a broken bone due to myeloma.
Asymptomatic MM. By definition smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM) has meets the definition of MM but without the CRAB symptoms - hyperCalcemia, Renal insufficiency / kidney failure, Anemia, or Bone lesions. SMM is also called "asymptomatic" MM. The standard of care is observation. A clinical trial is evaluating observation vs. Treatment with lenalidomide (Revlimid) - ow. Ly/oSUig. A SMM article: ow. Ly/sZ8zz.

How will my doctor know if I have multiple myeloma?  

BMB + labs. Myeloma can be suspected by "crab" symptoms including abnormalities found on x-rays or other imaging studies and laboratory studies. A definitive diagnosis is usually dependent on a bone marrow biopsy.
Labs, xrays. There are a series of blood and urine tests that will give the doctor a good idea if you have the disease. These are usually followed by x-rays looking for tell-tale signs of myeloma and a bone marrow test which would identify the cancer cells themselves.

Doctors, what are the major downsides of multiple myeloma cancer?

Bone pain possible. Multiple myeloma is a malignant proliferation of plasma cells. This is a serious disease that can be fatal without treatment. Some symptoms include possible recurrent infections, bone pain, poor circulation, and kidney impairment. If you are concerned about myeloma please talk with your doctor. Use this link: http://my. Clevelandclinic. Org/disorders/multiple_myeloma/bm_overview. Aspx.

The doctor prescribed melpalan, velcade (bortezomib) and dexamethasone for 78 yrs old male with multiple myeloma. He later increase the dose of melphalan from 10 mg to 14 mg despite the treatment progress. Is this warranted considering high AST and alt?

Speak with physician. The best advice at this point is to speak with the treating physician and ask for an explanation regarding the increase in the medication given the progression of disease on the current treatment. If you are not satisfied with the explanation then by all means seek a second opinion consultation. At times, changes in regimens are easily explained; don't be afraid to ask.

What types of questions should I ask my doctor regarding treatment for multiple myeloma or other plasma cell cancer?

1-2-3. Cancer 1-2-3: 1) diagnosis - myeloma vs.? 2a) stage - iss (not that relevant for individual) 2b) prognostic factors - eg cytogenetics, pcli (if avail), gep (new), bone disease, etc. 3) treatment -- goals (response or quality or....) and options. Some regiments are easy eg rd which is good for a low burden mm disease and working pt vs. More complicated "induction" regimen for high risk/burden.
Www. Cancer. Net. Please check out www. Cancer. Net for an excellent patient resource, including questions to ask your physicians. Http://www. Cancer. Net/cancer-types/multiple-myeloma.