Can the probiotic treats and prevent h plyrori infection? What are the other supplements that can help to treat and prevent h plyrori infection?

Antibiotics,not pro- It is bacterial infection of the stomach lining.Helicobacter pylori needs to be treated with antibiotics.There are many triple-to quadruple drug regimens that are used to treat this while protecting the stomach from further injury all therapies work only 85-90% of the time. Re-treatment is often necessary. Failing to treat may cause stomach cancer and chronic diestive probs. Probiotics don't work.
No and None. H pylori is a bacteria that in the stomach causes ulcers. Probiotics are not effective against it. However, when you are being treated with antibiotics to treat the h pylori, probiotics cab be effective to helping you maintain a healthy gut.
They will not treat. Or prevent h pylori infection. There are no studies proving so.