Mom touched a old cold sore patch which was used months ago then she touched all my clean underwear with her hands after, is my genitals at risk now?

No risk, no worries! The herpes virus isn't so easy to transmit -- only by direct contact, like kissing, never passed by sharing bathrooms, towels, eating utensils, clothing, etc. You are at absolutely no risk of herpes from this sort of event. Don't worry about it. Safe sex is all you will ever need to prevent genital herpes. I hope this has helped. Best wishes.
Not likely. Herpes simplex1(HSV1) is an oral virus that spreads primarily by direct contact with the infected skin and/or secretions of carriers. However, it can also be transferred from environmental surfaces (fomites), such as metal and plastic door knobs, to hands for a period of up to 2-hours...7 days tops. HSV1 rarely infects genitals

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Scared of getting genital herp because mom has cold sore and doesn't wash her hands often she's touched my clean underwear and objects in my room help?

Not that way. You should not kiss your mom while she has a cold sore or when she has symptoms of a cold sore about to appear. But you do not have to worry about the virus being transmitted through handling of clothes or other objects. Read more...
Asked and answered. It is rude to ask us the same question over and over. You have numerous experts who have graciously and accurately answered your question. It disrespects us to throw away our answers and to then ask us the same question again. It is time to go see your Psychiatrist about your anxiety. Read more...