What would cause a toddler to fail hearing test in one ear and on repeat fail both ears? No congestion at the time.

Needs OAE Exam. If he does NOT have middle ear fluid on exam this concerns me. Many Pediatricians now have OAE screener tech in their office. It checks for the tiny sound that the hair cells of the cochlea make as it perceives sound. An 'oto acoustic emission' or OAE. Office tech can screen for six frequencies. If your ped's does not have one, ask for referral. Also, is his newborn hearing screen normal?
Hearing. The toddler needs to be taken to a pediatric audiologist/ ENT practice for testing in a sound proof booth, and checking transmission of sounds and having a thorough exam. please do not ignore. It may be as simple as the child was too anxious, but it may be an issue with the inner ear.

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