Tightness on left side of head, shoulder and heaviness on left neck & ear subsides after lying down. Y?

You need an exam. Tightness on one side of the head and shoulder along with neck and ear heaviness, that is relieved by lying down, suggest a mechanical cause. It may be due to several possibilities. These would include, among others, muscle strain in the neck/shoulder area and possibly a pinched nerve coming from your neck. Although the latter would usually cause pain, when turning your head to either side.
Been Necking?? This is a tough one,but it may be from muscle tension in the neck and shoulder. Usually from stress or strain or even sleeping wrong.The pain can spread up into the scalp and ear area. Sometimes can act like a migraine. Heat and massage helps.Motrin too. But other things can cause this so if the heat,etc doesn't work in a week or so, see a doctor or a good chiropractor. Any weakness, see a doc.

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What causes an unbalance feeling & tightness on left side of head & shoulder &uncomfortableness in left ear & neck when resting on my back in chair?

See below. Pressure on upper cervical nerves by the upper cervical spine can do this. The best approach is to sit in an upright posture or to place a pillow under your head when sitting on that hair. Read more...