What would cause shooting pain from abdomen to center of chest while bladder is full? Sometimes pain is just in both places, but not shooting between

Vague symptoms, many. Many possibilities. When the bladder is full, there is less room in the abdomen and pelvis, so stomach acid can reflux. But this is supposition, as lots of organs in abdomen can cause "referred pain" in the chest / shoulders (liver, pancreas, spleen). Your chest cd b the cause, too. U shd schedule a visit w/ a primary doc 2 go over ur symptoms in detail. If u don't have 1, consider HealthTap Prime.
Abdominal pain. Limited information. Would consider that it may be 2 processes, reflux, /gallbladder and also possiblly UTI, ovarian pathology (reflux/gallbladder when increased abdominal pressure due to full bladder) so please seek medical attention at doctor/urgent care.